about two weeks ago I sent you the first part of my “Running Down a Deer” story. How I went through my lowest point and came out on the other side, enjoying running and tracking and building stamina.
And now I finally prepared the second part of that story: My Personal Highlight: Walking Down a Deer.. ­čśë

I’d love to get some feedback on how you liked the story.

Also just to make sure that you understand the story correctly: I never actually saw the animal. The signs told me part of the story, and the way I interpreted it did the rest.

Also, if you are interested in tracking and how it is done in other parts of the world (=Africa), I can recommend the film/documentary┬á“The Great Dance

If you missed any of my previous stories, you can find them here:

All the best,

My personal Highlight of Running Down a Deer

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