I am involved in different writing, editing and translating projects. They cover different topics, but are not all freely available on the internet.

Blog Columns


Most of my writing is availabel on my own blog: Follow Your Wild Heart. You will find content on the topics of


For the sustainability-platform energieleben.at I am writing weekly blog articles. They main topics I cover are minimalism, tiny living, nature connection, alternative living and alternative projects and initiatives. The articles are short and give a nice, but mostly limited overview about the selected topics. The whole platform is in German only, so also my articles there are in German. I might however translate some of them at some point and publish them here. If you are interested to see just my articles, you will find that here.


I am also writing blog articles for the page wildewurzeln.at, a non-profit organization I founded with two collegues. It is a platform where you find offers from different people for seminars on old and nature-connected knowledge and wisdom. This page is also just available in German and the seminars are currently only offered in Austria.

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Translations and Editing

Books by Tamarack Song

Currently I am working on a translation (into German) of an upcoming book by Tamarack Song, that is called “Like a shadow”. It is a book about the Guardian archetype that can be found in wolf packs, but also in human clans living connected with nature.

At the same time, I’m also editing the work of other translators for other books by Tamarack Song. He has extensive knowledge about deep nature connection and has written quite a few books by now. If you are interested to buy them, you can get them directly from the source through the online shop of his wilderness school Teaching Drum Outdoor School.

My Services

If you like my style of writing, or have texts that need translating or editing, just contact me via e-mail: