Whenever someone experiences something and tells that story, we get certain images in our heads of how that experience was. How the surroundings looked like, what their daily lives must have been like. It doesn’t matter, if it is a story in a book, or one that we listen to, a fictional story or a “true” recollection.

And it is an amazing gift, that we have our imagination and creativity fired up, that is creating pictures in our heads. So a lot of times, I like to refrain from showing too much of how something “actually” looked like, because there is always a risk for disappointment. Whereas our imagination is designed to give us exactly what we want or expect to see.

But in this specific case I’ve decided to give you a glimpse of an idea, of how I lived out there. It’s not a video of the actual wilderness camp where we lived, but here at the main school location, I found the next best thing: another birchbark wigwam that is very similar to the one I slept in for two moons!

I will talk a little more about wigwams (there are different types), and how fun it is to build one of them, and how often we debated on “so why do we need that wigwam again?” in a later video, as well as at my first storytelling evening in Vienna.

And just so you know: it’s not going to be an instructional guide of how to actually build it or too much details about the technical stuff. If you are really interested in that, you can contact the Teaching Drum Outdoor School, and go learn it by actually doing it… 😉

Storytelling coming to you…

So yes, you read correctly. Since I have been kind of reluctant to record the videos of my story, I decided to start with doing it in person. There will be a storytelling evening in Vienna on Feb 17th, and most likely another one there too, and depending on who’s interested also some more in other locations. So if you are interested to hear the stories directly from me, and know of some people in your area that might be interested as well, just send me an e-mail and we can talk about the organizational details.

I’d love to see you there, or at another storytelling event near you!

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