I’m excited that you want to learn more about my adventure. And as a starting point, I recorded a video, talking a little more about why I decided to do that wilderness training and my thoughts around what I will most likely experience.

Last week in my Podcast (only available in German at the moment) I also talked about the topic of fear and going where the fear is. And that topic inevitably comes up at some point when we decide to walk our own path, and listen more to our own wishes, needs and truth. 

The question I was asked a lot was, WHY I would do that. And for me, this question is hard to answer. It just happened that as soon as I heard about the offer, my whole body said yes. It wasn’t a conscious or thought-out decision. The only part that was conscious for me was, that I actually wanted to follow my body and my whole system and not give my fear too much attention.

And since I observed, that decisions have a big impact on how our life-journey unfolds, I’m currently working on an online coaching program to support people – especially in the professional area of their lives – to make more purpuseful and authentic choices. But you’ll hear and read more about that when I’m back… 🙂 

So with that teaser I wish you a bountiful fall and harvesting time, so that you are ready to turn inward and prepare for winter. 


Why the hell would anyone go into the wilderness?

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