My dear relation,

I feel a warmth in my heart, thinking of each one of you, who signed up to be part of my journey into the wilderness. My words may seem floral or romanticised to some of you, which is usually not my style, but for some reason, I feel a lot softer and somehow at least right now inspired to find more beautiful words to express my self.

Five suns ago I came back from my expierence in the wilderness. Two moons – 60 suns – of living in nature, away from civilization. No artificial light, no electricity, no other people around me except for my (sometimes slightly varying) clan, and the occasional visit by the guides who supported us on our journey.

The program was called “Guardian Intensive Training”, and our mission for this time was to “Run down a Deer”. And all that information translated into very different things for different people. But in the end, it was merely a symbolism. A way to put the call out there, and see, who would feel the urge to answer it.

Every time I think about what to share about my experience, different parts come up. And at the same time, a lot of it cannot be put into words. However, I made a video a few suns ago, capturing my first short message to you.

I will create a second video about the basic framework of the experience, and hopefully I’ll have some “numbers” by then. Like about the people, location, weather, food, etc. But as I share in my video as well, I’d love to know, what aspect you would be most interested in. And also, if you prefer text or video :-).

So for now, I am using the darkest time of the turns of the season to slowly easy myself into this fast-paced world. Tuning in to the low energy of the season, that will soon grow steadily stronger, taking us all to the start of a new cycle and to all kinds of new beginnings.

A hug to you, and snowy greetings from the Northwoods of Wisconsin, USA

I’m coming home

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