Most people think that if we do more, act faster, and/or rely on rational decision-making, we will be able to solve all problems and find that inner calm that comes from having achieved something.

But what is actually important is that we step away from all the hustle and bustle and listen to what our whole body, mind and spirit really want and need, so that we can free ourselves and live a life that feels authentic and truly aligned with our purpose.

And this is most holistically achieved by going out into nature and opening up our senses to all that’s truly around and inside of us, so that we can get in touch with our inner compass again - our gut feeling.

For a really long time, I was one of those people that felt like they needed to do more. I wanted to be liked, to be accepted, and to feel like I belonged. And the only way I had learned how to do that, was to be helpful, be a good girl, do what I’m told and behave in a way that others wanted me to.

But after being in the working world for almost 10 years, seemingly climbing up the ladder, jumping to different employers, and only finding temporary relief, but no fulfillment, and feeling more and more frustrated, not really knowing what was wrong with me,

I knew that something needed to change.

I had no idea what I was looking for, so I jumped through all kinds of books and seminars. They were all nice, but nothing life-changing. That is, until I found a seminar-series to learn wilderness skills and nature connection

In only one weekend, I experienced a small glimpse of what it means to truly step away and let myself be part of nature. I learned ...

  • that there is more to life than just being stressed all the time
  • that becoming calm is mirrored by nature
  • how knowing about natural cycles can help me understand my own inner cycles
  • and a lot more...

And I also met like-minded people, who had taken that next step towards their more fulfilled future, inspiring me to take that step myself. To loosen the grip that fear had on my sense of safety and security, I needed to radically change and leave my job.

But a whole month of soul-searching and being present still did not prepare myself for what was coming. I had only gone the first step: AWAY FROM. I still did not know where I wanted to MOVE TOWARS.

So I needed to really dive into that second crucial part of my journey of discovery. Having a new cycle of dreaming, doing, integrating and reflecting ahead of me.

The questions “What kind of future do I want? How do I want it? And why would I put all of that energy into it?” were accompanied by a lot of trial and error, more seminars and education, and letting go of a lot of ideas, beliefs and patterns.

Out of that process I realized that:

I dream of a world where we all live in a natural state of balance with all beings.

In that state, we feel a deep sense of trust in our ablities and our path, no matter what happens. We continually get the chance to show who we are, what we can contribute, feel like we belong, and that we are loveable and valuable every moment of our lives.

And my contribution to that vision is, that I use nature's wisdom, effectiveness and resilience to guide strong women and brave men, feeling stuck and frustrated in their work to connect with their inner truth, so they can build strong roots, weather every storm, and grow beyond what they think is possible.

This encompasses learning to make aligned decisions from our guts so we can live the life we truly want and experience what it means to live our purpose, instead of a life they think they should live. In this process of self-discovery, we grow strong roots, as well as adaptability to unforseen circumstances.

Nature is the most powerful guide, because it can act as a mirror, help you feel connected with your whole body and much more. And it all starts with finding clarity and extending your roots. This doen’t come from a lot of intellectual analysis, but from slowing down and tuning into ourselves and nature. 

What I bring to the table...

  • The rational mind (Master of Science in Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg, Austria)

  • Nature connection (several wilderness mentoring programs at Wildniswissen, Permaculture Training, Rebuilding Nature Connected Communities at the 8 Shields Institute, 2 month wilderness immersion and several other programs at Teaching Drum Outdoor School, just to name a few)

  • Coaching and Mentoring (Integral Coaching and Training at United Creations)

  • Movement (Dance for Health seminar experience by Fabiana Pastorini)

  • Sustainability (Greenskills - sustainable building and living at United Creations)

  • 2 years as co-founder and co-Executive Director of Wilde Wurzeln, an organization dedicated to support the spreading of ancient and nature-connected knowledge, wisdom and crafts

  • 4 years of organizing seminars focused on practical implementation of sustainability and connecting with nature

  • 8 years of analyzing software, systems and teams to increase their quality, processes and security

  • … and on the side writing a column for a blog for the last 3 years, translating a book from English into German, and crocheting a case for my phone, tablet, drinking mug and whatever else I find 🙂

And I’m also really grateful for some people who influenced me a lot on my journey: