Life is ​created ​by the​ choices we make.

Most people think that if we do more, act faster, and/or rely on rational decision-making, we will be able to control and steer our lives to achieve everything we want. 

But what is actually important is that we step away from all the hustle and bustle and listen to what our whole body, mind and spirit really want and need, so that we can free ourselves and live a life truly aligned with our purpose. 

And this is most holistically achieved by going out into nature and opening up our senses to all that’s truly around and inside of us, so that we can get in touch with our inner compass again - our gut feeling.

With nature at our side, we can make purposeful decisions that help us ​create a more authentic life​ and uncover our essential truth.

​And, like everything in life, there are different ways to achieve a joyful, fluent and vibrant life. Here are some options I'm offering:

​Program for Purposeful Decision-Making guided by Nature
  • Calm down
  • Listen to your Heartvoice
  • Discover your Gift
  • Take the first steps

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​​Team- and Culturebuilding
  • ​Learn to communicate in a respectful way
  • Shine a light on patterns and dynamics in the team
  • Uncover the strengths and gifts of each team member
  • Connect to the roots of motivation – both individually and as a team

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​My Programs and Retreats are mainly focused on learning honest communication, and getting more clarity & inner peace through connecting with yourself, others and nature.

Like all ​of what I do, they are inspired by and based on

​All of what I offer is very much experience-based, because we learn and retain information better through experiencing it with the whole body. There is however also always a little bit of background explained as well.