Find your Clarity

Online Program for Purposeful Decision-Making guided by Nature

When we are so much focused on getting things done, checking off list items so that we can breathe for a second, only to have to dive back into work, we can easily loose sight of what made us choose that work in the first place. Or we distract ourselves with work, because we're too scared to admit that we've been running circles in the roundabout instead of finally taking an exit.

But at the core we know, that we 

  • feel frustrated and stuck
  • can't see a solution that we're really happy with
  • get the nagging feeling that our brain is like a broken record, not telling us anything new
  • we need a new approach because what we've done so far hasn't gotten us anywhere

What if I told you that there is a way to get out of your head and find your truly personal CLARITY that feels good for your whole being?

In this Program you will...

  • experience how it is when the chaos in your head calms down
  • find your own inner truth and clarity
  • learn to see wild nature with new eyes
  • receive answers to your innermost questions
  • see clearly what your next steps need to be

You will be guided in a well-defined process, inspired by natural cycles and supported by powerful exercises in nature.

The 3 Month Online Program includes:

Module 1: Calm down & Listen to your heartvoice

Module 2: Connect with your core motivation & purpose

Module 3: Take the first steps & learn how to deal with stumbling blocks

Module 4: Discover your gift & connect the dots

The program consists of:

  • regular video calls
  • e-mail support between the calls
  • nature exercises - yes, you will have to go out in nature for that! more than once!
  • a safe space for your true nature to show him/herself
  • recommendations for supporting material

Module 1: Calm down & Listen to your heartvoice

Connecting with nature, being in nature is the ideal support system for our system to calm down, so that we can learn how we can listen and hear our heartvoice.

In this module we will focus on building a base to be a good "receiver" for our clear answers.

Module 2: Connect with your core motivation & purpose

When we want to bring something in the world that is dear to us and that we truly want to be a success, it is important to consider all the aspects and steps of the process.

Most of the time, the focus is on WHAT to do, HOW to do it and maybe even WHO it is for. And those are important aspects. But I believe, that our life can only be 100% fulfilling, if it is solidly based on WHY you want to do things. With this why, it is easier to then connect on what your whole system actually wants to bring into this world, so that there won't be so many inner blocks and resistances that make your life harder than it needs to be.

Combining this with having clear values helps you decide faster and more aligned with what is truly important to you.

Module 3: Take the first steps & learn how to deal with stumbling blocks

Getting into gear and starting your new path is usually the hardest thing to do. And the first time we stumble, we might think it would be easiest to just give up.

What can help us stay on our path? How can the cycles of nature and ways of heart-to-heart communication help us to start and also continue in order to make sustainable long-term changes?

Module 4: Discover your gift & connect the dots

Connecting to the moments where we felt most connected and alive allows us to discover and unfold our gift. This process is a powerful tool in and of itself. And it allows us to see the bigger picture.

You connect to your inherent creativity and learn how you can bring more of what you love into the world.

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