Purposeful decisions that create a more authentic life come not from a lot of intellectual analysis, but from slowing down and tuning into ourselves and nature.

By letting go, and shedding our layers of perception, we can uncover our essential truth.

This truth is the core of building resilience and trust in yourself and your path.

Openness, courage, dedication and truth are the most important pillars for authentic communication with yourself and others.

Program for Purposeful Decision-Making guided by Nature
  • Calm down
  • Listen to your Heartvoice
  • Discover your Gift
  • Take the first steps

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Team- and Culturebuilding
  • Learn to communicate in a respectful way
  • Shine a light on patterns and dynamics in the team
  • Uncover the strengths and gifts of each team member
  • Connect to the roots of motivation – both individually and as a team

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through my blog, Instagram and Podcast, I offer Inspiration as well as support on your way to a more connected and fulfilled life.

On my blog you will find impulses on how to live a more (nature-)connected life, stories of my own path, as well as Seminar Experiences and Reviews.

To live a more nature-connected life, we need to figure out how to listen. On my Instagram account you will find inspiration on how to integrate connective practices in your everyday life.

This podcast is for all the people that follow their heart, because they want to live a live in harmony with themselves and others.

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