Until now, I’ve been very reluctant to share a lot of my wilderness experience. Not because I don’t want to talk about it, but somehow, I’ve put too much pressure on it, and wanted to make it perfect, and do a perfect video and be the perfect storyteller.

But I finally took the time to face my fears and hesitations around sharing my story. I can see, how this main part of the story, as well as some of the others that will follow might possibly can be translated into somewhat similar situations in our “normal” lives, and be helpful (or at least entertaining or inspiring) to you or other people in that way.

The video I’m about to share is the first time I told that story. Sadly, my phone kept re-focussing, and I hope that this is not too much of a distraction, but all the later attempts didn’t turn out so raw and personal, so this version was still the best one I did.

In the description of the video, you can also find a rough overview of the content, however skipping parts might take away from the overall message and leave out important context. I’d love to hear how you liked the story and what thoughts or questions came up for you. If you missed the other videos I shared about my experience, you can find them here: 

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The Wilderness Chronicles: Running Down a Deer

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